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Highway 51, Bardwell, Kentucky 42023, U.S.
178 Elm Street Bardwell Kentucky 42023 US
The museum and library of Carlisle County, Kentucky is an important source for research in history, serving the local community, visiting scholars, students, and the interested public. The museum and library contains a collection of books, periodicals, and historical references of art and architecture. The library’s collection is strong in research materials related to the museum’s collections

Mission Statement

The Carlisle County Museum and Library founded on October 6th, 2008 seeks to support the community by providing a museum that is rich in historical references as well as providing a foundation for it’s citizens to continue education and growth to bring history, literature and people together. It serves to provide access to research materials for the staff, volunteers, members, scholars, students, and general public who are pursuing further knowledge about the objects in the collections.

County Location
Carlisle County, KY